WILY Solutions

Rapidly build and deploy one-off campaigns to support your immediate marketing initiatives. WILY Campaign solutions enable you to build and deploy innovative incentive and engagement programs that fit your immediate timelines, budget, and objectives.

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WILY Campaigns

Innovative, affordable, and secure technology solutions for time-crunched marketers.

WILY Campaigns enable you to build and deploy one-off programs that fit your immediate timelines, objectives, and budget.

Engage your audience

Enhance the customer experience and drive growth. Captivate your consumers at various touch points with unique engagement mechanics.


Motivate your audience to take action. Reward loyal customers and entice new leads with incentives, contests, and sweepstakes that compliment your marketing initiatives.


Capitalize on your marketing and sponsorship investments. Connection with your audience and drive immediate results.

WILY Enterprise

Bring together people, data, and solutions to create greater value for your customers in a digital-first world.

WILY Enterprise enables you to integrate the SPRY platform with your core business intelligence system, digital assets, and CRM software. Plug-in and layer-on smarter, faster programs.


Acquire data, generate actionable insights, and enhance the customer experience.


Enable employees to achieve more by creating solutions that are fast, scalable, and secure.


Accelerate the development and deployment of your marketing initiatives, improve sales, and reduce costs.

Engagement Mechanics

Gamifying your marketing programs has never been so easy.

Captivate consumers and keep them coming back for more with our unique engagement mechanics.

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Use Cases

  • Engagement Mechanics & Gamification

    Develop exciting front end digital experiences to engage your audience.

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  • Data Capture

    Securely acquire customer information and gain insights into their activity.

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  • Contests / Sweepstakes

    Easily execute instant win and grand prize draws.

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  • Registration / Check-In

    Invite guests and seamlessly verify their attendance.

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  • Digital Incentives

    Deploy electronic gift cards, e-coupons, and digital tickets for use on smartphones.

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  • SMS

    Use text messaging as a gateway tool and communication mechanic.

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  • PIN Codes

    Generate and deploy PIN Codes to verify purchase, create loyalty, and unlock rewards.

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  • CRM Integration

    Capture real time leads, churn data, and deploy targeted campaigns.

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  • eCommerce Integration

    Increase cart size and incentivize immediate purchases.

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  • Email Deployment

    Send targeted emails and track engagement levels.

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  • Live Reporting

    Monitor your program in real time to gain actionable insights.

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  • More

    Speak to an expert and discover even more campaign solutions.

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Whether you’re still deciding on your strategic approach or need an immediate solution, our experts can help you get from concept to campaign in under 10 days!