The Breakdown: Adobe, SAP, and Microsoft’s Open Data Initiative

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The Breakdown: Adobe, SAP, and Microsoft’s Open Data Initiative

This week, Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, kicked off his Ignite 2018 keynote presentation, by announcing that Microsoft is joining forces with Adobe and SAP for what is being called the ‘Open Data Initiative’. The goal of this alliance is to help companies do more with their own data, and to give customers more control over their data that is often managed outside the organization.

According to a spokesperson for Microsoft, the idea is to have multiple business applications using a common data model within Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, SAP’s C/4HANA and Adobe’s Experience Cloud will be among the first compatible services. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella explained,

[bctt tweet=”You have these very sophisticated, rich application suites from SAP, from Adobe, from Microsoft. And the commitment you’re hearing from the three of us is that we’re going to unlock the data across all of these suites.” username=”@wilyglobal”]

Although there is no clear roadmap for the Open Data Initiative, and many questions still linger, we know that this news is a major shakeup for organizations, and the role data plays within their day-to-day operations. To give you a clearer picture of what may be coming in the not so distant future, we summed things up with the most important bits from the conference and from the press.

Key details of the Open Data Initiative

[bctt tweet=”The core focus of the Open Data Initiative is to eliminate data silos and enable a single view of the customer, helping companies to better govern their data and support privacy and security initiatives.” username=”@wilyglobal”]
  • Microsoft, SAP and Adobe make the announcement at Microsoft’s Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida.
  • Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella invited other companies and customers to join the initiative.
  • There’s no clear road map for the Open Data Initiative.
  • Any company can join this as long as long as they’re willing to give the customer control of the data.
  • Salesforce/Apple/Amazon are the biggest competitors of this new alliance.
  • Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Unilever are amongst the brands supporting the initiative.

Interview with Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP

Why is this initiative so important?

Answer: Microsoft

[bctt tweet=”Any brand out there cares deeply about the continuous improvement of their own customer data understanding. And the three of us coming together, is going to be central to them feeling in control of their own customer data.” – Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO” username=”@wilyglobal”]


What are customers going to be able to do that they couldn’t do before?

Answer: SAP

“There isn’t a CEO in the world that does not want to have a single view of their customer, and they have to connect their demand chain to their supply chain, and do so in real-time. so if you think about the consumer who is social, mobile, they’re geospatial, they’re always on the fly. They’re going to shop different companies, in all channels, direct-to-consumer, wholesale, retail. and you have to make sure that connection point with that consumer is really intimate.”

[bctt tweet=”These companies need to be intelligent enterprises because more and more, AI, and predictive analytics is going to rule in how you engage with that customer.” username=”@wilyglobal”]

“But ultimately what you have to do is fulfill. So now what you’re going to see is the demand and the supply chain completely integrated, and that data will be shared evenly among our companies so the customer is the major benefactor of the initiative we announced today.”

How does your Marketo acquisition fit into this broader story?

Answer: Adobe

“All three of us share this vision of how to do we enable enterprises to put customers at the front of the digital journey.”

[bctt tweet=”Getting customer engagement to be front and center is the most important thing that enterprises can do; so digital is actually a tailwind rather than a headwind.” – Shantanu Narayen, Adobe CEO” username=”@wilyglobal”]

“What Marketo does is add to our offerings in the experience cloud of being able to create this unified profile of all customers. And the thing that every customer will tell you today is that they want an engaging experience with whoever they’re doing business with, whether it’s financial services, whether it’s automative, whether it’s retail, and Adobe focussed a lot more on B2C customers, but the same requirements that were true for B2C customers are now true for B2B customers, and that’s what Marketo provides.”

Watch CNBC’s full interview with Microsoft’s Nadella, Adobe’s Narayen and SAP’s McDermott from CNBC.

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